quarta-feira, 21 de abril de 2010

News from Mike.

Hello Julio!
I do hope all has been well for you and I wanted to pass this along. Hope you'll find time to tune in! :) Sending you many hugs from across the miles... :)
And now, here's the generic paste of the announcement:
We hope you've been having a good month and we thank all those who attended our show at Sin City this past Saturday.

Next, we're headed to Patras for a show at Rock Season this Friday, the 23rd of April.

And on Monday, 26 April (a week from today) we'll be Live on the Air at 10:30 PM (Greece +2 GM) with Major Tom at Athens International Radio 104,4 FM. To tune in from anywhere, just click on the icon below. When the Athens 984 page opens, just click on the GREEN 104.4FM link near the top of the page and you'll be automatically connected.

(AIR FM is affiliated with the BBC and other EU State Radio Stations)

Till next time, be safe and have FUN!

segunda-feira, 19 de abril de 2010

Show do New Zero God em Patras

Acima o Video da Musica
I fought the law - Um cover inspirado na voz de Mike Pougounas

abaixo fotos do evento na boate Sin City em Patras